Sena SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit - Attachable Boom Mic and Wired Mic ::

Sena SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit w/Attachable Boom Mic and Wired Mic

  • Compatible with the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Intercom
  • Clamp kit includes an attachble boom mic and a corded mic
  • Sena recommends this helmet clamp kit with the attachable boom mic when using the SMH10 Bluetooth Intercom on modular/flip up helmets
  • Manufacturer Part #SMH-A0302

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Our Two Cents

Sena recommends the SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit when using the SMH10 Bluetooth Intercom on a modular/flip up front helmets, here’s why…

Installing an intercom on a modular/flip up front helmet can be a problem if the mounted location of the intercom interferes with the movable part (the front) of the helmet. Simply moving the intercom farther back on the helmet does not work in most cases because attached boom mic ends up too far away from your mouth by the time the intercom is moved back far enough that it does not interfere with the movable part of the helmet. Unfortunately there is no way to know (before you purchase it) if the SMH10 is going to work on your modular/flip up front helmet without the SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Scott T.
Location: West Virginia

After purchasing my Sena SMH10-11 from for my black Arai helmet that I use on the Kawasaki Concours after one use I was impressed. It is loud to hear at any speed on my full face helmet. I decided to replace my Chatterbox system... (Read more...)


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