Zero Gravity Standard Windscreen Honda

  • Zero Gravity boasts the best optics of any windscreen on the market
  • Fabricated using the highly specialize blow molding technique similar to the technique used to form aircraft canopies resulting in virtually distortion free optics
  • Made from the finest grade 3mm acrylic plastic
  • The process of stretching each windscreen as it is formed results in superior strength and flexibility which allows the windscreen to absorb road vibrations and resist cracking
  • Zero Gravity windscreens have factory drilled holes and profiles that match your motorcycles O.E.M. fairing for a precision fit
  • Mounting hardware is not included – These windscreens are designed to be mounted using your O.E.M. windscreen hardware
  • Available in Clear, Smoke, and Dark Smoke depending on motorcycle make/model

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Our Two Cents

The blow molding stretch technique used to produce the Zero Gravity Standard SR Windscreens increases strength while maintaining flexibility and maximizing optical quality. If you are replacing your O.E.M. windscreen due to damage or just for an upgrade I suggest you take a look at the Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen which is great for aerodynamics improvement. The Zero Gravity Windscreens do not include mounting hardware, they are designed to be a direct replacement of your O.E.M. windscreen using your O.E.M. mounting hardware. These windscreens are pre-drilled to perfectly match the O.E.M. mounting holes on your front upper fairing. The tinted style windscreens really enhance the look of a motorcycle. The dark smoke is pretty dark in my opinion (although I think it looks the best) the light smoke is a good happy medium.

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