TechSpec C3 Gripster Grip Pads BMW

  • .100” Thick with a molded low profile diamond grip pattern
  • Increase and maintain accurate control of weight and body position
  • Eliminate sliding up and into the tank, especially with passengers
  • Improve riding style
  • Decrease overall body fatigue
  • Improve weight adjustment of body and bike while in motion
  • Protect a highly abused area of the tank
  • Provides all the benefits of a grip material without shredding leathers

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Our Two Cents

The TechSpec C3 Gripster Grip Pads are manufactured from a comfortable gummy rubber measuring .100” thick. The C3 material acts more like a “pad” offering the ultimate in comfort and grip. The durameter of the rubber has a soft gummy feel allowing your knees to sink into the material, almost like memory foam. Squeeze your tank and feel what solid seat position is and does for you. The C3 Grip Pads will assist in reduction of vibration, increase in control, and increase in comfort.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Alex
Location: California

The Sho-Gun swing arm sliders are top notch, withstood a low side on my other bike very well. The TechSpec C3 grips have a better pattern than the older grips, more gripppy as well and more "low profile" by a 1mm or so. The Cortech GX Air gloves... (Read more...)

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