Targa LED Flash Controller Resistor (Pair)

  • Targa Flash Controller Resistor brings the flash rate of your LED signals to approximately 60fpm (flashes per minute)
  • One flash controller resistor per each LED on your signal circuit is recommended
  • Flash controller resistor is not polarized
  • Scotchlok wire connectors included
  • Installation instructions included
  • Sold as a pair
  • Will you need flash controllers/resistors?

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Our Two Cents

The Targa LED Signal Flash Controller Resistor is needed when you replace your stock turn signals with LED turn signals. LED turn signals require much less voltage than stock OEM turn signals, on certain motorcycles LED signals will flash at a very fast rate or will not flash at all and just stay on constantly. When you have these symptoms after replacing your stock OEM turn signals with LED turn signals you know you need a turn signal flash controller resistor. Scotchlok wire connectors and installation instructions are included. Click the “View Larger Pictures” link above to view more pictures.

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