Symtec Motorcycle Grip Heaters With Round Rocker Switch

  • Extend your riding season with this Two stage grip heater kit from Symtec
  • 3-position (off, high, low) surface-mount round rocker switch included
  • These grip heaters provide you with an effective and convenient way to keep your hands and fingers warm, without having to use bulky and awkward winter gloves
  • This quality kit allows the heating elements to be fitted neatly and discretely under the original manufacturer grips or your own favorite grips
  • Two heating elements on flexible Mylar tape that attaches to your handlebar (clutch side) and throttle tube (throttle side) via permanent adhesive on the back
  • Draws 3 amps (36W) on the high position
  • No external resistor or other parts are needed to install
  • Easy installation
  • Installation instructions

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Our Two Cents

The Symtec Motorcycle Grip Heater Kit with Round Rocker Switch is designed for mounting to the motorcycles dash or instrument panel. A hole must be drilled for installation of this switch.

If you have specific questions regarding this product and your motorcycle, please contact Symtec-inc. directly.

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