Symtec Motorcycle Grip Heaters With Metal Toggle Switch

  • Extend your riding season with this Two stage grip heater kit from Symtec
  • 3-position (off, high, low) metal toggle switch
  • Laser cut, powder coated, mild steel switch mounting bracket sold separately in the drop down menu
  • These grip heaters provide you with an effective and convenient way to keep your hands and fingers warm, without having to use bulky and awkward winter gloves
  • This quality kit allows the heating elements to be fitted neatly and discretely under the original manufacturer grips or your own favorite grips
  • Two heating elements on flexible Mylar tape that attaches to your handlebar (clutch side) and throttle tube (throttle side) via permanent adhesive on the back
  • Draws 3 amps (36W) on the high position
  • No external resistor or other parts are needed to install
  • Easy installation
  • Installation instructions

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Our Two Cents

The Symtec Motorcycle Grip Heater Kit with Metal Toggle Switch is designed for mounting on the handlebars in a convenient location for easy operation. The problem is, the manufacturer does not include a mounting bracket. Over the years we’ve seen many photos of these kits on motorcycles with switches dangling off the handlebars, zip tied, wire tied, you name it. We now offer a laser cut, powder coated, mild steel mounting bracket for the Metal Toggle Switch. This bracket can be mounted on the right or left side to the factory hand control bolts, above or below the handlebars. I strongly recommend this bracket for a clean and functional installation of the Metal Toggle Switch. Click the “View Larger Pictures” link to see the switch mounting bracket installed.

If you have specific questions regarding this product and your motorcycle, please contact Symtec-inc. directly.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: JASON A.
Location: Arizona

This is the second bike that I've put these grip heaters on and it is definitely easier installing with a little more experience. The installation is the only downside since the heaters themselves work great. I've only ever used these in really ... (Read more...)

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