PSR Economy Front Fork Lift Stand

  • Constructed of mild steel
  • Powder coated finish
  • Designed for use on most late model sportbikes
  • Lifting hardware has an adjustable width range of 8.25” to 11.75”
  • Fork lift hardware uses anti slip contact pads that are oil and solvent resistant and will not damage fork bottoms
  • Forklift hardware included
  • Available in White only

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Our Two Cents

A front fork lift stand for $50? When I first heard about this product, I had some concerns. We ordered a set of front and rear stands so we could test them out. We tested this front stand under a ZRX1100, which is not a lightweight motorcycle, the stand was sturdy and easy for one person to operate. This is a 3-piece stand that requires assembly, which is simple. I recommend that you tighten the hardware completely or the legs of the stand that support the motorcycle will wobble slightly. Because this stand ships in 3 pieces, the possibility this stand may show up with with scuffs or scratches exists. Scratches and scuffs do not affect the integrity of the stand and we will not replace your stand if it shows up in this condition. This is a quality stand and PSR backs up their products, if they didn’t, we wouldn’t offer them.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Allistair L.
Location: Iowa

I purchased this stand being a little leery that it was not a Pit-Bull stand. Assembly was easy, made of strong material, light-weight and easy to store. No assistance needed to lift rear, not wobbly and will last the life of your bike. (Read more...)

From: Josh U.
Location: Colorado

These bike stands may not cost a lot, but they are perfect for the average bike owner who wants to be able to perform chain maintenance with ease, or give their bike a good cleaning, or replace their chain, remove wheels, etc. I use these once a week and have absolutely no issues, they have been better than expected for a price that low. Their is no doubt that there are stands out there that are of a higher quality, but if you are on a budget, these should work just fine for you. (Read more...)

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