Pro Pad Sheepskin Gel Seat Pad

  • Real sheepskin combined with the Pro Pad Polymer insert for the ultimate in comfort for your ride
  • Less rider fatigue and greater comfort results in increased alertness and safer riding
  • Improves posture on long rides
  • Adjustable mounting straps are included for additional mounting security
  • Rubberized non slip backing underneath

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Sizing Information

  • We offer Five sizes in this seat pad – Prices vary by size:
    • Small = 7”(W) x 10”(L)
    • Medium = 14”(W) rear x 12”(W) front x 10”(L)
    • Large = 16” rear (W) x 10”(W) front x 12”(L)
    • Super Cruiser = 16”(W) rear x 5”(W) front x 18”(L)
    • Touring = 16.5”(W) x 14”(L)

Our Two Cents

The Pro Pad Sheepskin Gel Seat Pad is a high tech seat pad with an insert made of ultra soft Polymer that was designed for use in the medical industry, recently adopted by Nascar racing teams, and is now available for your motorcycle. Combining the sheepskin exterior with the Polymer insert results in the ultimate riding comfort. The makers of The Pro Pad attribute the Pro Pad’s performance to the Polymer core insert that is a specially formulated dry Viscoelastic Polymer. Meaning, it is a stable solid that distributes weight evenly and will not leak over time like a gel or deflate like an air cushion. The Pro Pad is equipped with Two mechanism’s for attaching to your seat. First is an elastic strap going across the bottom of the pad which is made to slide underneath most seats without removing the seat. Second is the adjustable length mounting straps for extra mounting security. These straps consist of Three components: locking clip, elastic straps, and a vinyl coated metal hook. Once the clip is in place, position the metal hook underneath the lip of the seat or other secure surface and pull the elastic strap for a snug secure fit. Pro Pad notes, in some cases the mounting strap hook may be removed . Place the strap around any available bar i.e. the rear crash bar on a newer model Road King. Once the strap is fitted around the bar, adjust the strap accordingly. Click the “View Larger Pictures” link to see photos of the different sizes that are available.

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