Noco G750 Genius Battery Charger

  • Designed for use on 6V and 12V batteries
  • Designed for safety; Reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark proof, overheat, overcurrent, and overcharge protected
  • VosFX Processor; Learn more
  • Variable Input Compensated; Learn more
  • Auto Memory; Learn more
  • HF/HE Switch Mode Design; Learn more
  • Multiple Battery Chemistry; Learn more
  • Fully Interactive; Learn more
  • Rapid Charging Technology; Learn more
  • Abnormality Protection; Learn more
  • Extendable Connectors; Learn more
  • Battery clamp connectors included
  • Eyelet terminal connectors included
  • Owner’s manual and user guide included
  • Product registration card included
  • Five year manufacturers warranty

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Product Video

Our Two Cents

The G750 is a smart, 5 Step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer. The G750 is best for small battery applications from 1.2-30Ah, such as charging your Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski or Snowmobile. In addition to charging, the G750 can effectively maintain any 6V or 12V batteries in larger applications, such as Cars, RVs, Boats and Trucks.

The time required for the G750 to charge a normally discharged battery is shown below. Deeply discharged batteries may take longer to charge depending on the depth of discharge (DOD). The charge time is based on an average depth of discharge to a fully charged battery.

Battery Size
Approx. Time To
Charge In Hours
1.2 1.5 1.5
2.2 2.5 2.5
7.2 8 8
14 15 15
25 27 27
30 33 33

The above table is for reference purposes only. Actual data may differ due to battery conditions. The time required for the G750 to charge a normally discharged battery is based on an average DOD of 50%.

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