Nelson Rigg Charging Kit for Electronic Devices

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  • Charge electronic devices like smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS/Navigation and more
  • Battery will hold a charge for several days while not in use
  • Fully charged battery can charge electronic devices multiple times (results vary with device)
  • Charging kit can be used with Nelson Rigg “SLR” luggage (tank bags and tail bags)
Kit Contents
  • (1) 3400 mAh rechargeable battery pack
  • (1) 2.4W solar panel
  • (1) iPhone/iPod connector
  • (1) Samsung connector
  • (1) Sony Ericsson connector
  • (1) Mini USB connector
  • (1) Sony PSP Connector
  • (1) Nokia connector
  • (1) Retractable cable connector

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Our Two Cents

Here’s a great product for activities “off the grid”.

I like to fully charge a few batteries and take them with me when I’m traveling by airplane, spending any significant time outdoors where there’s a possibility typical charging methods may not available to me.

These days almost all electronic devices include a USB charging cable. If this kit does not include a connector for your device, but you have a USB charging cable for your device you can use this kit.

Once fully charged, the battery pack can hold it’s charge for several days while not in use and can be used to charge an electronic device multiple times, how many times depends on the device.

This charging kit was originally designed for use with Nelson Rigg SLR luggage but you don’t even have to ride motorcycles to use something like this.

The right way to use this kit: Charge the battery by computer using the USB connector. Once the battery is fully charged take the battery and proper connectors with you and charge your electronic device as needed.

When using with Nelson Rigg “SLR” Luggage, charge the battery by computer using the USB connector. Once the battery is fully charged take the battery, proper connectors, solar panel and install them in the location of the “SLR” bag designed for this kit. Nelson Rigg intended the solar panel to be used as a way to charge the battery while riding or to maintain the batteries charge level while it is connected to an electronic device.

The wrong way to use this kit is to connect the solar panel to a discharged battery and then connect the battery to an electronic device. The solar panel cannot charge the battery fast enough for the battery to charge an electronic device at the same time.

Unfortunately we are not able to test this battery on all the devices that are available nowadays so we don’t know everything it doesn’t work on. As long as we offer a connector for your device or a connector is available to you from another source, there’s a good chance this battery will charge your electronic device.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Andrew D.
Location: Armed Forces Europe

I wanted to start off by saying thank you so very much for supporting the troops!! I am stationed in Germany and I ordered a solar charging kit for my electronics about a week ago. I received the package today faster than I thought I would as stuff shipped from the states usually takes two weeks. (Read more...)