Nelson Rigg CL-HSP Saddlebag Heat Shield Pads

  • Designed to protect the back panel of Nelson Rigg saddlebags from hot under tail exhaust pipes
  • These are a direct replacement for the stock pads that are included with Nelson Rigg saddlebags
  • These pads prevent the saddlebags from being burned by the exhaust they will not prevent heat from entering the bag
  • Install with canvas side facing the exhaust
  • Will withstand muffler temperatures up to 300 degrees – Check with motorcycle manufacturer or exhaust manufacturer for temperature ranges
    Most stainless mufflers/canisters will exceed this temperature and can cause damage or fire

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

  • Small – CL-900/SSC-140 Saddlebags
    • Dimensions: 16.00”(L) x 10.00”(H)
  • Medium – CL-950/CL-1000/SSC-150 Saddlebags
    • Dimensions: 19.00”(L) x 13.00”(H)
  • Large – CL-850 Saddlebags
    • Dimensions: 17.75”(L) x 15.00”(H)

Our Two Cents

We have always advised our customers against using saddlebags on motorcycles that have undertail or high mount exhausts, even if the exhausts have factory/O.E.M. heat shields. Why? Because luggage manufacturers do not consider damage to luggage from making contact with the exhaust as a warranty issue or a defect, it is considered user neglect. I know plenty of motorcyclists with undertail or high mount exhausts that have never had their saddlebags damaged by the exhaust, but I also know plenty of riders who have. The note above regarding muffler temperatures seems to only be an issue with exhausts that have a catalytic converter right at the muffler like on the BMW650GX for example. Of course Nelson Rigg designed these heat shields to be used on their saddlebags exclusively, but in my opinion these heat shields could work on almost any brand of saddlebags. If Nelson Rigg saddlebags are not for you and you have an undertail or high mount exhaust, we have taken length by width measurements (shown above), match those measurements to the saddlebags you may be purchasing. These heat shields are designed to be installed in place of the inner panel pads that come standard with Nelson Rigg saddlebags (and other brands). Using them both at the same time is possible; it will just be a little more bulky.

NOTE: These heat shields prevent the saddlebags from being burned by the exhaust but they a DO NOT prevent heat from being transferred to the contents/interior of the saddlebags.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Jake E.
Location: Wisconsin

I was looking specifically for saddle bags that could work on a crotch rocket (Honda VFR), and could withstand the heat of the under tail exhaust. Well, the Nelson Rigg bags with their special high-temp pads added on did the job. Great product, but do keep in mind these pads still only handle up to 300 degrees. (Read more...)

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