Moto Brackets Polycarbonate Windscreen Suzuki

  • Pre-drilled Polycarbonate windscreen
  • Designed to match OEM windscreen mounting points
  • Impact resistant
  • Economically priced
  • Available in Clear and Smoke

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Our Two Cents

The Moto Brackets Polycarbonate Windscreen comes pre-drilled to match the OEM windscreen mounting points. If an aftermarket front fairing has been installed, it is very likely this windscreen will not match up to those mounting points.

Beyond the information above, we know very little regarding the details of these windscreens. We tried to contact the manufacturer with the questions listed below but received no response.

Q) Is this a double bubble style windscreen?
From our research these screens appear to have a slight bubble when compared to the OEM screens on some motorcycle make/models but we cannot say for sure that all applications have the double bubble styling.

Q) Is it light or dark Smoke?
We found some pictures in print, the level of darkness seems to vary depending on the motorcycle make/model.

Despite the lack of information we decided to offer these screens to provide a less expensive alternative to some of the other brands we carry.

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