Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool Kit

  • Designed to break roller chains up to 630 (Fits all standard and O-ring chain sizes 520, 525, 530 and 630)
  • Designed to rivet chains up to 530 (NOT 630)
  • Masterlink sideplate press kit included to press on sideplates on chains up to 530 (NOT 630)
  • Screws and attachments are made from 86L20 steel and then heat treated for strength and durability
  • Extractor pin is firmly guided by a removable guide which ensures long pin life
  • This tool can be bolted to a work bench. supported in a vise or held by the handle
  • When bolted to a solid surface, air or electric wrenches may be used to break a chain
  • Recommended for heavy duty use
  • For riveting hollow nose master links
  • Small parts store in the tool handle
  • Detailed user instructions included
  • Made in USA!

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Our Two Cents

Overview From Motion Pro: The Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool Kit is designed for breaking roller chain from 520 through 630 and will rivet chains up to 530. This tool may be used as a hand held device using the screw in handle. It may also be clamped in a bench vise or bolted to a workbench by using Two 3/8-24 bolts (not supplied). If this tool is bolted to a workbench an air impact driver with a 9/16” impact socket can be used.

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