Kryptonite New York Noose With EV Series 4 Disc Lock

  • 10mm, 4-sided chain made of triple heat-treated boron manganese steel for ultimate strength
  • Cinch loop design enables effective lock up with less length of chain
  • Weatherproof nylon jacket allows compact coiling and protects bike surface
  • EV series 4 disc lock is 14mm hardened MAX-performance steel shackle with double deadbolt locking mechanism
  • New oval crossbar design
  • New higher security disc style cylinder with more than a million key variations
  • Reinforced anti-drill/pull cylinder protection system
  • Sliding dust cover protects and extends cylinder life
  • 3 keys included, 2 new “I” keys and 1 high intensity lighted key with replaceable battery
  • Anti-theft protection and key replacement program

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Sizing Information

  • Dimensions: 4ft Chain w/EV Series 4 Disc Lock

Our Two Cents

The Kryptonite locks were designed for urban areas and high theft danger areas. The Kryptonite New York Noose with an EV Series 4 Disc Lock gives you several options for securing your motorcycle, ATV, or dirt bike. The best thing about this cinch style lock is that less chain is needed for a secure lock down of your motorcycle. The narrow inner width of the links makes a leverage attack very difficult, and of course the durable nylon material covering the chain is a good deterrent also.

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