ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth Communication System Open Face Kit

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Our Two Cents

The ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth Communication System operates on the CDMA frequency a.k.a. Code Division Multiple Access frequency and is equipped with 2.0 Bluetooth and A2DP technology. The XBi is available in full face and open face kits and is for communication between rider and passenger only, it does not have a long enough range to be used from one rider to another. Keeping the unit in intercom mode allows rider and passenger to communicate without having to push a button. If you are listening to an audio device and want to talk, one of the users has to switch the unit to intercom mode.

To communicate with a passenger, purchase an XBi Bluetooth Communication System in full face or open face kit according to the passengers helmet style.

Stream audio from any audio source that comes equipped with Bluetooth such as mobile telephones, MP3, GPS and iPhone (A2DP iPhones) to the XBi.

For Wireless connections of audio devices that are not equipped with Bluetooth such as iPod and iPhone (non A2DP iPhones), purchase the BTA iPod/iPhone Bluetooth Adapter.

For wireless connections of audio devices that are not equipped with Bluetooth such as Mp3 player, satellite radio, navigation or other audio devices that have a standard 3.5mm headset jack, purchase the BTD 2.5mm Bluetooth Adapter.

For connecting non-Bluetooth audio devices such as CD/MP3 players and iPod’s directly to the unit, purchase the Communication System Audio Cord.

To maintain the unit’s charge while riding, purchase the XBi/XBi2 Power Filter Cord.

ChatterBox offers a cell phone cord but it does not work with all cell phones and there isn’t an application chart to work off of for fit so we do not offer this cord. We found a great company that makes custom cell phone cords making any cell phone model compatible with your ChatterBox unit, contact them here.

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