ChatterBox Music to Headset Adapter

This Music to Headset Adapter is compatible with the headsets used on the CB50/FRS/FRSX2/GMRSX1/GMRSX1 Bluetooth Communication Systems
  • ChatterBox part# CBHS2AUD
  • Allows you to bypass the ChatterBox communication system and connect to a CD/MP3 player and/or iPod’s
  • Coiled Cord

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

  • Length: 36”

Our Two Cents

The HJC ChatterBox Music to Headset Adapter allows you to listen to CD/MP3 players and iPod’s without the use of a ChatterBox communication system. This is a great accessory for a rider who already owns an HJC ChatterBox Communication System, all you do is use your existing headset that is installed in your helmet. You can leave your communication system at home and listen to music while you ride.

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