Chafe Zone Chafing and Blister Protection

  • Helps prevent chafing, hot spots, blistering, cracked and dry skin, and saddle/seat abrasions in repetitive contact areas
  • For use with compression garments, boots, protective bracing/riding gear and Neoprene supports
  • 2 oz. speed stick with one application lasting all day

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Our Two Cents

Chafe Zone is a non-toxic product which protects against chafing. The dreaded soreness of your contact patch with the seat after a long day. This is the answer to monkey butt syndrome. Just one application from the speed stick and you are chafe free for the rest of the day! It is used in high contact areas like rubbing zones with compression garments, boots, protective riding gear even for your hands. It can also help with blisters and cracked or dry skin. This is not just for dirt bikers either! This is recommended for any type of sport where friction and abrasion on your skin is a problem.

Chafe Zone is a one time per day application, is not messy, does not stain clothing and has extreme durability against perspiration, chlorine and saltwater.

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