Canyon Dancer Bar Harness

  • High strength Nylon webbing
  • Stretch sleeve of polar fleece to protect tank finish
  • Three different sizes available to fit almost any handlebar
  • Be sure to measure the distance from end to end of your handlebar to get the correct size bar harness
  • Not for use on high rise bars or rubber-mounted bars

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

  • Available in Three sizes:
    • Short: #33 – Fits a maximum bar length end-to-end of 28”
    • Standard: #37 – Fits a maximum bar length end-to-end of 32”
    • Long: #39 – Fits a maximum bar length end-to-end of 35”

Our Two Cents

This is a handy device sold alongside the Ancra Products. It’s used to tie down motorcycles that don’t have a convenient place to attach conventional hooks, or if you want to eliminate the possibility of tie downs damaging your motorcycle. The strap fits over both rubber handlebar grips allowing the bike to be secured to the trailer with tie downs or ratchets. There is a very nice fleece sleeve over the straps that crosses the tank to help protect the finish. We got the “short” to fit on a K1200LT—but just barely, a standard sized bar harness would probably be the best choice for a bike this size. Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above for more information about the use and operation of the Canyon Dancer Bar Harness.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Will J.
Location: Texas

Nice fit. Great price! It was still cheaper ordering it from NE even after taxes and shipping! (Read more...)

From: Scott T.
Location: West Virginia

I purchased the Canyon Dancer Bar Harness just for those times when I need to haul one of my bikes, I could have bought them local but it was still a better buy when I ordered them. I especially like the fleece that keeps it from harming my tank on the bike. I highly recommend New Enough for their customer service, Thanks Again. (Read more...)

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