Bully Locks Lock Jaws

  • A must for securing your ATV or trailer at home, on the trail, or on the road
  • Anti-pick lock
  • Hardened steel resists cutting
  • Ratchet adjusts to any size wheel
  • Sized for ATVs and trailers
  • Rubber coated arms to protect wheel finishes
  • Lock reminder included

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Our Two Cents

The Bully Lock Jaws work great for securing ATV and trailers using the same kind of immobilization technique used by some parking enforcement police. The adjustable jaws will work on any sized wheel and can be installed in seconds. Bully includes the lock reminder to help prevent accidentally driving away with the lock jaws in use and the arms of the lock jaws have a heavy duty rubber coating to protect the rims. Click on the “View Larger Pictures” link to see more.

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