BikeMaster Mini Stalk Turn Signals Round Shaped

  • Designed for use with 12 Volt motorcycle electrical systems
  • Short stalk marker light turn signals with a Round lens
  • Single filament bulbs
  • Sold in pairs
  • Black Body, Amber Lens with Clear Bulb
  • Two wire system
    • Black/White wire = Negative
    • Black wire = Positive

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Sizing Information

  • Overall dimensions: 2.375”(L) x 1.125”(W)
  • Lens dimensions: 1.375”(L) x 1.125”(W)

Our Two Cents

Single filament bulb turn signal/marker lights with a Round lens from BikeMaster. These turn signals have a Two wire system, they function as a flashing unit or blinker, not a running light. Using turn signals that have a Two wire system on a motorcycle that has a Three wire system results in the loss of running light capability, the signals will only function as a flashing unit or blinker.

Refer to your motorcycle manual for correct wiring schematics and/or correct wire color coding. Reversing wiring on your system may cause overheating of wiring elements. After installation be sure to test that you have properly installed the correct color wiring according to the specifications stated in your motorcycle manual.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Andrew R.
Location: Michigan

The BikeMaster Mini Stalk Turn Signals look great with my new fender eliminator on my 650r! The Icon Variant shield is dark and fits well...what more could you ask for?

New Enough is now