Bel Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

  • Repels dirt, sand, water, and grit
  • Long lasting lubrication and anti wear protection for chains and sprockets
  • Tremendous film strength and anti wear properties
  • Good for all O-ring chains and roller chains for street and off road use
  • 400 ml Aerosol can

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Our Two Cents

Overview from Bel Ray: Bel Ray Super Clean Chain Lube is the latest innovation in chain lube technology, combining unsurpassed anti wear protection for long chain and sprocket life with an outer protective coating that will not attract dirt, sand or grit and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT FLING OFF when used as directed. Suitable for all O-ring and roller type chains for street and off road use.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Marc D.
Location: New Jersey

The degreaser and brush worked perfectly together. I used a damp towel to get the left over grime and dirt then dried the chain off with a dry towel. Sprayed the chain with the lube and let it sit of 10-15 minutes. (Read more...)

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