Airhawk 2 Air Seat Cushion

  • Roho Shape Fitting Technology
  • Air filled cushion custom fits your shape and redistributes pressure that causes numbness and discomfort when you ride
  • Reduces vibration and absorbs shock
  • Easily inflates by mouth with no pump needed
  • Seat cushion is made of lightweight Polyurethane
  • Seat cushion cover is constructed of a stretch Polyester top panel with 3-layer knit Polyester side panels and a non-skid base
  • Side panels allow heat to escape
  • Great for short to mid-range rides
  • Mounting straps included
  • Repair patch kit included

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

  • Small Cruiser 18”(L) x 12”(W)
  • Medium Cruiser 14”(L) x 14”(W)
  • Small Pillion Pad 11”(L) x 9”(W)

Our Two Cents

The Airhawk 2 Air Seat Cushions are designed for daily commutes and short to mid-range rides. The Airhawk Air Seat Cushion or R Cruiser Air Seat Cushion would be a better choice for the riders putting down the long distance rides. Airhawk uses the Roho Shape Fitting Technology in their Air Seat Cushions and ROHO products all have something in common – a valve that allows you to adjust the amount of air it holds. This valve lets you customize the product to your specifications and achieve your precise level of comfort. It is designed to perfectly match your shape and contour, redistributing your body weight to minimize pressure hot spots. The air cushion itself is inflated by mouth (no pump needed) and the air cushion cover side panels allow air to circulate between the air cells then out the sides of the cushion, reducing heat build up. The air cushion is waterproof and the cover is made of quick dry material in case it gets rained on. Mounting straps and a repair patch kit are included.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Michael
Location: Virginia

I have used this seat cushion on two different bikes a Ninja and a VStrom and it made a huge difference on both. The small cruiser size a shape works(worked) well on both machines. Be sure to adjust the pressure according to the directions, if you... (Read more...)

From: Wendy N.
Location: Illinois

The airhawk seat cushion is a must have for any long distance riding. It saved my butt (literally) on a trip from Chicago to Bar Harbor, ME. Before purchasing the airhawk, I could do an afternoon of casual riding with only a small amount of discomfort, but why bother? (Read more...)

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