Crampbuster Cruise Control ::

Crampbuster Cruise Control

  • Cruise control with safety – Does not lock throttle
  • Full throttle control with a relaxed hand
  • Reduces wrist fatigue and cramping
  • Comfortably fits your hand for easy throttle operation
  • Eliminates throttle creep
  • Available in Black or Chrome

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Our Price:
$7.50 - $10.99

Sizing Information

  • Available in Four sizes:
    • Standard: 1-1/8” Diameter, 1-1/8” wide
    • Standard Wide: 1-1/8” Diameter, 2-1/4” wide
    • Oversized: 1-1/2” Diameter, 1-1/8” wide
    • Oversized Wide: 1-1/2” Diameter, 2-1/4” wide

Our Two Cents

The Crampbuster Cruise Control is the safest choice for having the comfort of cruise control without the possibility of the throttle sticking or locking. Allows you to maintain full control of the throttle while relaxing your fingers which helps prevent numbness and cramping. There are many cruise control products on the market today and this is obviously not a hands free cruise control setup, but it’s very safe to use and simple to install.

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