Progrip Wheel Tape

  • Simple application on clean dry surfaces
  • Enough tape for both sides of two wheels
  • 7mm X 6 meters
  • Includes applicator

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Our Two Cents

The ProGrip Wheel Tape adds nighttime visibility and some flare to your ride. It comes with enough tape to cover two wheels on both sides. It is offered in reflective and fluorescent colors and comes with the applicator. The applicator is quick and easy to use. I have found it helps to run your finger along the tape as it leaves the applicator to ensure a good stick. This leaves you with a smooth clean line. Before you apply the tape you want to be sure to clean and dry your rims thoroughly. You don’t need to use anything harsh or abrasive, just be sure to get all the dirt and grime off the rims. -Aaron 04/04/2014

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