99% of the time we will BEAT our competitors price!

This item is covered by the manufacturers MAP (minimum advertised price) policy. This policy controls the sales price retailers are allowed to show on websites, advertisements, etc… If you have been shopping around, especially on eBay or Amazon I’m sure you are noticing the huge fluctuations in sales prices, these are blatant violations of the manufacturers MAP policy. Obviously the manufacturer has not done a good job of punishing our competitors who choose to violate this policy, which is the main reason we will make every attempt to beat our competitors price on this product.

Many retailers advertise some sort of price match program. In most cases there is a long list of requirements that have to be met to qualify for their price match program. We want to keep the price match program for the parts and accessories department simple, so here it is.

  • The item(s) must be in stock through one of our distributors
    (we cannot take backorders in price match situations)
  • Orders ship by the shipping method of our choice
  • Item(s) from our apparel department cannot be included
  • This only applies to orders shipped within the United States
    Please note: If the price match request you are submitting is from an eBay store, they must be an authorized powersports retailer, not someone selling used or second hand items out of their garage.

If you have found a better advertised price on this item(s) from one of our competitors, contact Nate and be sure to include a link to the item(s) on our competitors website that you are requesting a price match for including the “shipped price” to your zip code.

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