Mobile Warming Heated Apparel Specifications

Mobile Warming® garments incorporate an integrated heating system that is powered by small, lightweight lithium-ion batteries. Each garment features three heating panels lined with steel alloy fiber elements. The panels’ heat reflecting properties and optimal placement on the chest and back provide quicker warm-up and excellent distribution of heat. Operation is easy; just connect the battery pack to the input cable found on the inside of the hand pocket. Simply hold the on/off button for about two seconds to activate. When the LED is lit, the garment will start heating up. Mobile Warming® offers adjustable warmth and comfort settings for a relaxing fall day outside to a snowy winter’s day on the mountain.

Battery Pack Setting Temperature Duration
7.4V/2.2 AH
Full Charge
100% 130° 2.5 – 3 Hours
75% 120° 3.5 – 4 Hours
50% 110° 4.5 – 6 Hours
25% 90° 7 – 10 Hours
Battery Pack Setting Temperature Duration
7.4V/4.0 AH
Full Charge
100% 135° 5.5 – 6 Hours
75% 122° 6.5 – 7.5 Hours
50% 111° 7 – 10 Hours
25% 85° 10 – 20 Hours

Temperatures may vary 2-3 degrees

Simply plug in charger to wall socket and connect battery to charger. When all indicator lights stop flashing, battery is fully charged.
Plug in charged battery to connection cable on jacket/vest. To turn on battery, press and hold on/off for several seconds until light comes on (if light doesn’t turn on, the battery needs charging). When powering up the garment’s battery, start at 100% and keep on high setting for five to ten minutes to warm up the garment. After the desired temperature is reached, turn the battery down to 50% for a full day’s use outside. Turn off the battery during extended breaks or indoors to extend your usage time.
In extremely cold conditions and 100% power is needed, be aware that the battery will lose power after three hours. It is strongly recommended to purchase an extra battery for extreme cold conditions.
Disconnect and remove battery from the garment’s power lead wiring harness.
Remove temperature control (only on garments using the large battery pack).
Machine-wash on the gentle or delicate cycle using the warm-water setting (water temperature below 50° ) and a mild detergent.
Do not use bleach.
Remove from washer and hang/air dry.

NOTICE: Do not wring out or twist the garments. This will damage the heating elements.

CAUTION: Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean.