Mounting A SPRT-20 Tail Bag On A Motorcycle With A Luggage Rack

A customer kindly sent in some pictures of how he used some creativity to mount a SPRT-20 Tail Bag on a motorcycle with a luggage rack.

This particular motorcycle is a 2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200S Touring and it comes from the factory with a small luggage rack that sits directly off the passenger seat. The mounting method he uses works well with the SPRT-20 Tail Bag because the mounting system is made up of adjustable length, Nylon straps rather than bungee cords (which we see on many tail bags) which would be too think to fit under a motorcycle seat.

First he attached the Two front mounting straps to each other underneath the passenger seat.
This is good for two reasons; no mounting straps touching the bodywork and the tail bag cannot be removed without removing the passenger seat
After attaching the passenger seat to the motorcycle, he then wraps the Two rear mounting straps around the outside rails of the luggage rack and connects them to each other, underneath the rear fender. Depending on the setup of the motorcycle, the Two rear mounting straps could be attached in several different ways.
Securely mounted.
Looks great!

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