FAQ: Can you make a change to an un-shipped order I recently placed? (or combine two orders to save shipping, or add merchandise to an order, etc.)?

To Correct Shipping or Email Details:

If you need to change/correct a shipping address or email address, just chat, call or email us with the correction(s) and we’ll take care of it.

To Alter Product Details:

Our system won’t allow us to easily alter anything regarding the products you ordered (size, color, qty, etc). The best way to handle this is to ask us to cancel your order out of our system and then you can place a new order with the correct products.

  • If the value of the new order will be greater than the order you are cancelling, then please ask us to issue a gift certificate for the payments associated with the canceled order(s). Gift Certificates are sent by email so you receive them immediately. Then you can re-enter your new/corrected order and use the Gift Certificate as payment.
  • If you plan on ordering products with a lesser value, it is generally best to ask us to cancel the order and refund your payment entirely. You can then place a new order and a new payment. (Please note that it takes a few days for refunds to appear back on your credit card account.)

To cancel an order, please chat, call or email us and let us know the order you wish to cancel and whether you’d like us to issue a gift certificate via email or whether you’d prefer a refund.


Using Chat or calling us during business hours is best so we can fix the order before shipment. After hours, use email.

Please don’t create an RMA in our system to cancel an unshipped order.

It won’t cancel the shipment and human eyeballs don’t see RMA requests until products come back to us.

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