Olympia Airglide Jacket

Item Number: 207
Size: Women's XL - (dress size 18)
Color: Shocking International Yellow
Condition: Used - Good
Added: almost 5 years ago

Seller's Description:

This was my first real riding jacket, so I made a mistake. I bought it 2007, and wore it maybe ten times, probably fewer. I discovered I just couldn’t STAND that color. I rick-o-shayed the other way and bought a pastel pink jacket, but that was another unfortunate mistake, and irrelevant here.

This is a summer-only jacket because the liner is missing – the liner is SOOOO good that I’ve about worn it out, and no way I’m parting with it.

But, oh, what a summer jacket this is. For someone who likes the color, the airflow through this thing is almost like riding naked.

I’m uncertain of the model, it looks like what they sell for Airglide now, but there is no labeling I’ve found.

When I took the pictures I discovered makeup stains around the collar (yes, back then I wore makeup while riding, I got over it though, so well that I never use the stuff any longer). So, I’ve laundered it and all is well.

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MotorcycleGear.com's Comments

The seller did an admirable job of describing this jacket. It is in like new condition and it is shockingly yellow! Whenever we have a jacket style with the hi-viz color it always sells faster than the more “normal” colors. Why not be seen! I measured the chest and waist area of the jacket and I’m getting about 44 chest and 38 waist. The waist can be adjusted down from there several inches and the hips flare out and also have zips to allow you some adjustment there as well.

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